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Tallinn City Tour This tour is a combination of bus tour and walking tour. During the „bus part” (approx 1,5 hours) we will drive around the Old Town Walls and see the two famous towers of the walls - Stout Margaret and Tall Herman. more Tallinn Old Town Walk Old Town in Tallinn is considered to be the best-preserved medieval town in Northern Europe. It has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997. more Tallinn Communism Tour The Russian Soviet Occupation of Estonia lasted from 194-41 and 1944-1991. For long 48 years Estonia, has been a part of Soviet Union – USSR. During almost half a century, each of the leaders of the Soviet Union left their marks in... more Jewish Sites Tour Jewish community in Estonia has never been large comparing to other European countries, before the World War 2 there were approximately 5000 Jews living in whole country. more
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Tours from Tallinn
Lahemaa National Park This tour is dedicated to all nature lovers. Lahemaa is the oldest and the largest national park in Estonia. It is also one of most popular destinations for one day excursions from Tallinn. more Helsinki We invite you to book this full day excursion from Tallinn to Helsinki by ferry. As the distance between 2 capital cities is only approx 80 km, ride by ferry takes only approximately 2 hours one way. more Riga Tour We offer you full day excursion from Tallinn to capital city of Latvia. Riga is one of the most beautiful cities in whole Baltic region and its Old Town was recognized by UNESCO as a Cultural World Heritage site in 1997. Let us show you... more Rakvere Castle Tour We offer you half day tour to small city of Rakvere famous for picturesque medieval castle on the hill. Built in 13th century by the Danes as a stone stronghold became a large castle in 14th century after Danish King had sold Estonia to... more
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Tallinn activities
Karting Let us invite you to the fastest go-karting circuit in Tallinn, that has an indoor track open all year long no matter what the weather is like. more Quad biking No matter if you are an experienced Quad Bike Off roader or a Quad Bike first timer our venue will be a good choice for you. more Kalashnikov Shooting Let us take you to one of the best shooting ranges in Tallinn where you can enjoy this popular activity. Professional instructors will give you a lesson on shooting techniques and guide you through safety procedures. Amongst weapons you... more Outdoor Paintball Perfect activity for tough players. We can take you to best paintball fields in Tallinn so you can have a lot of fun while fighting with each other. Our proposal for this activity includes: more
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